Sarah J. Maas: The Queen of World-Building

So, I finally finished Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas today! It took me three long weeks, but it was worth it! I am in awe of her world-building, and it really got me thinking about the world-building in Rewritten. Admittedly, it is something I really need to work on, and one of my main focuses in my revisions (if I ever get done with the first draft!)

See, Rewritten is the first thing I have ever written that was not a contemporary setting. And, until recently, I hadn’t really gotten into sci-fi or fantasy all that much, so it’s a new thing for me to think about. See, the premise for Rewritten came to me, randomly, on a long, arduous drive home through the desert from Las Vegas back to SoCal. So writing something that is science fiction is all new to me.

At first, I was doing it as light as possible. Basically, today with one or two differences. But as the writing has gone on (and on and on…), I have come up with more ideas. The world is slowly coming to me. I’ve been reading a lot of sci-fi and watching a lot of sci-fi, and some fantasy, too, to help get those creative juices flowing. But other than that, I’m not sure what else I can do. My creativity is a work in progress, I guess.

What about you guys? Any suggestions on helping with world-building? Suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated!




2 thoughts on “Sarah J. Maas: The Queen of World-Building

  1. Hello! I do the same; read, watch related movies/series and try to learn from that. I love that you are venturing into writing something you have never written before. I think we have to do that to grow. I have three story ideas in my head right now and all require some research whether it’s about the afterlife, time travel, antiques, history, native American beliefs, etc. All topics I really did not know much about until a few years ago and I am constantly learning. I think you are doing exactly the right thing; learning and researching.

    I read an article once that stated an author mapped out her invented world. Drew it, found online images, etc. and used them to put together the world so she could see it visually and write about it better. She imaged the smells, the colors, textures, etc. and put all of that into a notebook/journal. I’m sure you could do it all electronically too. I have collected images on Pinterest and keep a notebook of houses, furniture, antiques, etc. that play a role in one of my novel (in working progress). It helps a lot. Even if I’m not looking at it, when I write I imagine it and can easily describe the colors, steps, woodwork, etc. Even if I edit those parts it’s helping me feel and write better.

    Hope that helped 🙂 Good luck to you! What a fun adventure; writing the unknown!


  2. What’s also really helped me is dedicating a Pinterest board to your book for inspiration. It’s great to have images in your head, but it makes it so much easier, at least for me, to have a physical representation. And then when need a wave of inspiration you go peruse that! And I see you are reading Invaded, it’s adorable!


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