Motivational Monday: Your Voice is a Weapon

So, as you all know, the band Bastille is one of my big inspirations right now while I write. They are one of my favorite bands, a lot of their songs inspire me to keep pushing myself, and many of their songs remind me so much of my MCs.

With that said, this week for Motivational Monday Jennifer Austin posted a video by Angel Haze, which reminded me 1. That I absolutely love her and 2. She does an amazing song with Bastille that is also motivational to me. When I saw Bastille in concert last year, they had her come out on stage and perform it with them. I wanted to post that video, since I, of course, recorded it, but WordPress won’t let me. Wah, wah. So instead, I will provide you with the official Vevo video, which isn’t as fun, but you get to hear the song at least.

Update: I found a video on Youtube uploaded by someone who was at the same show as me, so you can enjoy this, too! (It does cut off a little early at the end, but they really only repeat the line over and over again after the cut off point, so you can still get the feel for the performance even with the abrupt cut off.)

What I really like about this song is this mantra that your voice is a weapon. I feel that way in all aspects of my life. My voice is important and deserves to be heard, whether that’s personally, politically, or creatively. Words have such power, and that’s awfully inspiring to me and motivates me to keep writing and keep working. My whole life has been devoted to affecting others with my words, through teaching, scholarship, etc., but now it’s my turn to make my words make people feel and think. I want my words to transform.

My voice is a weapon, and I’ll do with it what I can.




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