Motivational Monday: I Wanna Dream

I am so close to the end of REWRITTEN I can taste it. I was in a bit of a funk for a while, so I decided to go back and re-read some of the earlier parts of the book, and I totally fell back in love with my story and my characters. Gah, I love them! Their story deserves to be told! And that’s why I’m back at it, full force! I’ve been writing like a mad woman the last couple of days, and it feels great!

In fact, I just wrote the big, game-changing scene last night, and now I’m just a couple of consequence-scenes away from the end. And I found the perfect song that is inspiring me to write the end: “Dream” by Imagine Dragons. It perfectly encapsulates my characters and the vibe of the end of my book. I’m pretty much going to listen to it on repeat to keep me going. It gives me motivation! Here’s to wrapping up the end of my first book! Cheers!




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