I’m on Top of the World!

Things are starting to look up for me these days, so I thought I would share my upswing!

First, I recently decided that enough was enough and I am going to take this weight loss thing seriously, and so far, I’ve been doing really good! I’m already down 5.2 pounds, which is only a drop in the bucket for what I need to lose, but it’s enough to give me hope that I can actually do this!

Now, on the job front, though I don’t have a job yet, I am being considered for a position in LA. I don’t want to say much about it just yet, but this is the most interest I’ve gotten since I started looking, and I think it would be a great job, so keep your fingers crossed for me! But in the mean time, I’ve been freelancing for a small publishing company, and I just got a new project I’m really excited about. It’s a YA book, so I’m really excited to start working on that and making some money!

And then finally, last but most definitely not least, I’ve gotten back on the groove of writing! I was in a writing slump for a while, and just having a really hard time getting momentum, but I have been writing like crazy the last few days, and I’m feeling excited about what what I’m writing again, which is huge!

So yeah. Today, things are looking good and the future is looking bright! Here’s hoping things stay on the upswing for a while!